Divide & Conquer


This is me.  I am many things… A mommy, wife, graphic designer, artist, author, blogger… I wear many hats.  I think that is what keeps life interesting but the trick is to find a balance.  And oh boy, is that tricky.  I have learned that I have to divide myself to be many things.  So having goals set helps me put the pieces in the right place and in the right order.

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The Leaves Are Changing


I love this change of weather, don’t you?!

Today I am taking the time to get out of the house, away from the computer and enjoy the simple things in life.  Recharge myself over the weekend.  Hope you all have a great one.

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A Haiku For You

Taking it way back for a moment, to simpler times of crayons, recess, monkey bars, oh and dodgeball.  {insert movie quote here – 1 guess which movie HAHA}  “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”  A classic for sure.  But I digress…  So I just wanted to remind some people that you need to take time out of your day to refresh, reset and refocus.  My current project that will help amplify my creative productivity and focus is setting up my Command Center/ my place of zen/ where the magic happens and more commonly known as my desk area.  I am attempting to make it easier to sit down and get straight to work.  Believe me when I tell you it is so hard when you don’t have a designated work space, especially when you have 2 little crazies running around.  So by having all of my lists, sketch books, inspirational pieces and notes at hand and organized, it’s an awesome feeling.  So in honor of my Command Center and to convey my silly seriousness to an organized lifestyle I have written a little Haiku.  Thus, me takin’ it back to the old school…  let’s get elementary y’all.

Healthy Happy Days

Organize and Simplify

Make It a Habit.

A Haiku emphasizes simplicity so I thought it was totally appropriate.

Hope I made you think and made you smile.  Happy Creating…

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Try Again

Go Left


Oh boy, this is true.  Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, you simply have to look at it through fresh lens and a different perspective and things will work out.  Keep trying, keep moving forward and you will find what you are looking for.

Fun Kat Fact:  It took me 14 years to finally graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree.  Life happens, I stopped to work full time to support my hubby in college, then got my Associate’s Degree, then a baby, then started back at a University, then had another baby, then went back with babies in tow and a full time mommy status and I FINISHED!  I might have taken a detour but I just changed my perspective, kept trying and I made it to my goal.

Stay Inspired, stay on task but if life hands you lemons you throw that shit back and demand you get limes…

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A Disturbance in the Creative Force


Let’s get real y’all.

So I wanted to describe my top 5 methods that help me with distractions and maybe it can give you some ideas and help you jump-start that creative -wannabe that is currently a couch potato in your head.

  • Keep your work area clutter free (this includes the files in your computer)–
    • This allows for you to focus on the task at hand instead of endless searching in frustration for that paper you wrote your last notes on or that file you worked on last month.
  • Organize & Prioritize
    • ­­Make a to do list & hang it in plain site (it is a good feeling of accomplishment and a boost to the motivation ego to physically see things crossed off)
    • As you start crossing things off this list redo/refresh it to unclutter it
    • Keep a daily planner & train yourself to look at it (better healthy happier habits are not made over night, keep at it
  • Simplify the above 2 bullet points
    • Over the years I have learned through a try-and-fail-and-try-again process that the simplification of things is the best way to go
    • I write everything down, so I can just get it out of my head and think clearly, but I always go through and prune my lists and notes
  • Stay hydrated 
    • Keep those creative thoughts well lubricated and it’s easier to stay on task.
    • Sounds simple but sometimes I get so caught up in my work that I forget the simplest things… which leads me into the next item…
  • Take a break, rest your eyes, get up, and stretch
    • Sometimes it’s not an automatic thought when you are on a creative roll but trust me a simple body and eye readjustment will allow for better focus and productivity in the long run.
    • After refreshing make sure you go back to what you were doing to stay on task.


You can read about my creative process here.  http://thinkkings.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/go-forth-and-create/

It’s a roller coaster folks.  Just remember, the journey wouldn’t be as fun if there weren’t any bumps in the road.

Here are just a few rest reminder apps I found in the App Store that might be helpful. I use Time Out Free, it’s customizable and works great.




Happy Creating….

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The Flying Grizzly

Company Grade Office Council

I have had some amazing opportunities to work with some great groups lately.  This logo was created for the Company Grade Officer Council (CGOC) for the local air base.  An awesome group of servicemen and women who aim to help others.  The group wanted their iconic UAV center stage, however, while the details of the aircraft were essential, they needed to be simplified for this design.  Color had to be minimized as well because the end result was to be printed on shirts.  And YES, I know GRIZZLYS is misspelled, that spelling is a base tradition.  I was told the shirt color was tan and blue and grey should be part of the color palette.  Overall, I believe that the design has a simplified and clean look yet has a hint of iconic imagery through it’s patch like shape and retro minimalist appearance.  These are all qualities of the design challenge the client originally presented me with.  Challenge accepted and beat down.

Color Matters

Hi y’all.

This is a double post today.  Because of annoying and frustratingly horrible glitches on WordPress I have to double post.  But I am not complaining.  I love the fact that I can link my two blogs.  For those of you who don’t know, I am the Creative Director for Think Kings Creative Studio, a think tank with hopes to guide fellow creatives to productivity and who aspires to be an indie publishing studio when we grow up.  I am honored and humbled to work along side my co-founders and fellow awesome engineers… Perry Covington @ http://childofatlantis.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/ChildOfAtlantisBook and Q @ https://www.facebook.com/GeniusCondition We are all from different backgrounds, I was recruited because of my graphic design skills but surprised the group when I announced that I was writing a children’s book.  We are all creatives and we inspire each other.  Our topic this week was a creative how to, I decided on my favorite thing in the whole wide world… color.  I mean what girl doesn’t love being able to play with brights and pastels and neutrals in their wardrobe or the decor feng shui in their home or the pop or harmony of the colors on a page.  So grab a coffee and stay awhile…  Let’s get colorful.

Color is an important visual design element and should be considered for every brush stroke on a canvas, word on a page or the subject in the lens. It can evoke certain emotional responses, balance the whole composition, grab the viewer’s attention, and even energize or calm them. To understand these can help you layout a more effective design, situate your subjects in the best locale, compose an eye popping collage or use colorfully descriptive words in the next love scene or mystery plot twist. Whatever the reason color is an immensely important tool to have in your creative arsenal.


Yellow is the color of the sun; it evokes the feeling of happiness and energy. The above graphic is simple and uncluttered and playful, the color perfectly enriches the meaning.


Orange is the color of the orange fruit and a fresh citrus scent comes to mind. The bright color and the fresh scent are rejuvenating and optimistic. Orange is the combination of the colors red (a passionate color) and yellow (a cheerful color). The above graphic is bold in size but the psychology behind the bold and energetic color used only serves to enhance the message.


Would a typical child be happy with a birthday party that had all grey and black balloons? Most likely the answer to that question is No (unless the party was themed for Batman haha!). The brighter the colors and the more it resembles the child’s princess doll or superhero action figure the more excitement and appeal you will evoke in that child.  The lesson to learn here is that in order to be effective you must know your target audience (who are you trying to reach with your design, story, song, painting, etc.) and understand what they like and why.

Arm yourselves with the knowledge that will propel you forward in your creative path.  This is what we aim for at Think Kings, to foster creative growth.  Consider color theory when you are in the creative business and are looking to hire a young, up & coming, recently graduated, freshly optimistic and awesomely cool graphic designer (wink wink!) to design your company logo (or business cards, flyer, social media ad, company thank you cards, etc.), the décor & paint inside your studio, while doing your research and looking for inspiration or even designing the cover to your book.

Color is all around us, everywhere, find the beauty in it, understand it and it will only enhance your endeavors.

Now go forth and Create a Better Reality.

Here are 2 colorful resources to help you on your journey.



Thanks for reading…




Design with a purpose.

JDRF Walk to cure Type 1 Diabetes- Shirt Design

You know I LOVE my job.  To be able to use my skills and help such a worthy cause is an awesome feeling.  To the average person these are just words, words aligned and layered on top of each other but to the family this represents it means so much more.  The client searched through my website and loved that my graphic style was simple and wordy, and requested something similar and meaningful to their cause.  I am honored that they loved what I created.  Stay tuned for so much more, hopefully next year we will be hosting an online art gallery fundraiser and I will be curating it.  Sounds challenging and fun and exciting and oh so rewarding.  I LOVE what I do!