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I am super excited to finally see this bad boy in print.  This restaurant has amazing food, home cooked, just like granny made.  Good Eats for sure!

The clients wanted a modern & clean Americana feel.  They wanted a simple design & clear organization.  A menu is hard work but the clients love it & are happy so I am happy.  I also have created a catering menu & a door hanger for them (pictures coming soon).  There are perks to working with restaurants, the super yummy food at meetings & the down to earth awesome clients.

Check out their facebook page Kafe Royale

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The Kingdom

Think Kings

Just wanted to give a shout out to the Think Kings Creative Studio.

Think Kings blog

I am the creative director of this creative think tank and indie publishing house.

This is what we aim for at Think Kings, to foster creative growth.

Anyone has the ability to be creative. All of us look at the world through different lens but the trick to creativity is trying to interpret your senses. These interpretations are as different as our DNA, as unique as our fingerprints and as vast as the stars in the sky. There is no end to creativity and that is why the human mind is so fascinating.

My motto is…

LET EVERYTHING INSPIRE YOU and you will never run out of creativity.

I believe this to be true in everything we do. Creative thinking is the corner stone to human living, enjoyment, productivity and longevity.

At Think Kings Creative Studio we are trying to foster THIS creative productivity and growth. We want to help you add something colorful to the conversation.

It’s time for you to CREATE A BETTER REALITY.

We are writers, photographers, graphic designers… We are the Think Kings.  Creatives that want to make our mark on the world. At Think Kings Creative Studio we are a central hub for inspiration in all aspects of creativity.

Please join us, follow us, like us & THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of our journey.

Think Kings blog

Think Kings Creative Studio – Facebook Page

Perry @ Facebook – Child of Atlantic Book  Book 1 for sale HERE & book 2 coming very soon!

Kat @ &

Q @ Facebook – Genius Condition

Stay Creative…

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Ok… Break’s Over.

Get To Work

Sometimes I need to take a little refresher, don’t you?!

So my current projects include collaborating with some awesome groups (coming soon), working on my online shoppe (so excited!), family Christmas cards & Christmas party invites (always fun), updating the website (a big work in progress), organize & complete my command center (because I can always use more organization in my life).

Hope everyone is making goals and moving forward.  Now… Break’s Over… Get To Work.

Stay Creative…

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Be Brave


In honor of the beautiful, crisp & cold rain we had today & of course yesterday’s spooktacular Halloween, I whipped this little fun graphic up.  I love to sneak in my crafty time when I can, this was made in between naps when my little bundles of noise were fast asleep.  This mama stole some Halloween candy and created some fun on her computer.

“Be Brave In Your Storm” means… whatever battle you are fighting, whatever hurdle you must overcome, whatever makes your heart ache, whatever you are struggling with… just be brave.  Just try because big or small we all have our own storms.  Just Be Brave.

Happy Weekend… Cheers!

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