Always Dance


There will always be storms in life but how we handle them and learn from them is what will see us through to clearer skies.  I am a firm believer in allowing everything to inspire you, the good and the bad.  So when it rains, dance…  you’re going to get wet anyway, you might as well have a little fun.

In this design I wanted to play with patterns and textures inside a simple shape.  The colors are a happier twist on a rain storm, just to brighten up the mood of the piece.  Hope it brings a you a smile.

Stay Creative…

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Happy Everything to you!

Happy Everything

It is still Christmas in my house, filled with toys, treats, cartoons watched in pajamas & of course lots of yummy coffee all day long.  Pure bliss.

I hope your Christmas was filled with lots of love, happiness & holly jolly merriment.


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Moving Forward

Make Time To Get Messy

Is it just me or has November whizzed by??  I am busy busy over here trying to get things ready for my shoppe & working on putting together my office/command center/awesome central/ the place where the magic happens.  Throw Christmas into the mix & now I have Christmas cards to design & I am trying something new this year, cannot wait to show them off.  Basically I am trying to keep moving forward toward completing my goals, mentioned HERE.

The day I took this photo my hands were covered in paint & I had a smile from ear to ear.  It is just so fun & a great stress reliever to throw all planning aside and just be creative.  I am still attempting to take a moment each day to sketch, jot down a thought, paint, plan a fun project for my kids or just get plain messy with some crafting.  Try it, I dare ya.  Go ahead, get messy & as always…

Stay Creative.

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