Through his eyes

BB'sInspirationInspiration.  It can come from anywhere and in the case of the photo above, my awesomely talented and extremely adorable nephew was inspired by the great outdoors.  And because I am one proud Auntie, I wanted to show off his photography skills as proof that creative ideas can come from anywhere.  I encourage you to unplug, get outside, take a breathe, look around and get inspired.


Now go forth and create.

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Paint, Pattern & Polka Dots @ The Park

At The ParkPumped up kids playing at the park surrounded by paint, pattern & polka dots.

A beautiful day at the park with my littles and there was so much for the eyes to feast on.  There were the bright colors, the faded/ cracked/ sun drenched texture, the wonderful pattern & oh boy do I LOVE polka dots (they were on my wedding cake, true story) And of course I love playing around with a little alliteration.  Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places, so get out there and find yours.

Happy Creating…

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Happy February!

Happy February!!

Here’s to doing what you love.  As creatives we should lift one another up in artistic awesomeness so I say go forth and create something amazingly YOUnique.  Step outside that comfort zone, color outside of the lines, think outside the box, get messy & have some fun!

The above illustration was a fun example of me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying character illustration.  It’s so crisp, simple and fun I just giggle every time I look at it.  There will definitely be more illustrations coming soon.  As for the colors, I was inspired by Valentine’s Day of course.  I think it is a fun & modern spin on the traditional red, white & pink colors.

So go on & get artsy fartsy… I dare ya.

Happy February…