My design in print

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you see your work in print. This particular piece is the logo for Think Kings Publishing. I am the Graphic Designer, a contributing author and Production Director for this indie publishing company. This book is the third novel in the Child of Atlantis series by the talented Perry Covington. My logo is on every book, every novel in the series that he has sold. With over 17,000 likes on Facebook, he has a growing cult following. Not only do I celebrate his success but I am a little giddy for my exposure as well.

When thinking about this logo we took the simplistic approach. Due to the logo being placed on books with a variety of colors we went for a black and white minimal color palette. It has also been used on shirts, banners, flyers, and coming soon stickers and bookmarks. It is so exciting and satisfying. I love what I do.

Hop on over to Perry’s Facebook page and follow him on his journey. And thanks for tagging along with me on mine.

Perry Covington’s Facebook Page

KAT - logo

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