Fight NKH with Delilah


The greatest thing I can do is to use my talents to help others.

I designed this flyer for a sweet little girl named Delilah who is fighting NKH.  Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH), is a severe and rare disorder affecting about one in every 60,000 live births.  Delilah is a 2 year old who wasn’t supposed to live this long, according to her doctors, but she is a strong little girl who is proving them wrong.  She is a sweet and precious child who is learning to crawl and is starting to babble.  She is celebrating the little victories, the milestones that we often overlook because it is expected for a typically developed child.  Please pray for her and the other children affected with NKH.  The families of these little children with this disorder need your help in raising money to fund research to find a cure.

Please visit Delilah’s website and help with their first annual 5k race… Beeline To The Cure.  The fun run/walk is this Saturday.  Best thing is you can virtually participate which means you don’t have to physically be there to be a part of the event.  Or you can just donate.  Please Share this info.  Pass on the hope.

Thanks for reading.

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Design with a purpose.

JDRF Walk to cure Type 1 Diabetes- Shirt Design

You know I LOVE my job.  To be able to use my skills and help such a worthy cause is an awesome feeling.  To the average person these are just words, words aligned and layered on top of each other but to the family this represents it means so much more.  The client searched through my website and loved that my graphic style was simple and wordy, and requested something similar and meaningful to their cause.  I am honored that they loved what I created.  Stay tuned for so much more, hopefully next year we will be hosting an online art gallery fundraiser and I will be curating it.  Sounds challenging and fun and exciting and oh so rewarding.  I LOVE what I do!