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The client, Fútbol Club Menifee, an AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) local soccer region, requested an update to a patch design previously used by the team, something new yet recognizable and fresh. This logo will be branded on all team attire, website & merchandise. I was happy to design for a client that embraces the passion in children and guides them towards fun and healthy competition.  Go FC Menifee!


The Kingdom

Think Kings

Just wanted to give a shout out to the Think Kings Creative Studio.

Think Kings blog

I am the creative director of this creative think tank and indie publishing house.

This is what we aim for at Think Kings, to foster creative growth.

Anyone has the ability to be creative. All of us look at the world through different lens but the trick to creativity is trying to interpret your senses. These interpretations are as different as our DNA, as unique as our fingerprints and as vast as the stars in the sky. There is no end to creativity and that is why the human mind is so fascinating.

My motto is…

LET EVERYTHING INSPIRE YOU and you will never run out of creativity.

I believe this to be true in everything we do. Creative thinking is the corner stone to human living, enjoyment, productivity and longevity.

At Think Kings Creative Studio we are trying to foster THIS creative productivity and growth. We want to help you add something colorful to the conversation.

It’s time for you to CREATE A BETTER REALITY.

We are writers, photographers, graphic designers… We are the Think Kings.  Creatives that want to make our mark on the world. At Think Kings Creative Studio we are a central hub for inspiration in all aspects of creativity.

Please join us, follow us, like us & THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of our journey.

Think Kings blog

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Stay Creative…

KAT - logo


The Flying Grizzly

Company Grade Office Council

I have had some amazing opportunities to work with some great groups lately.  This logo was created for the Company Grade Officer Council (CGOC) for the local air base.  An awesome group of servicemen and women who aim to help others.  The group wanted their iconic UAV center stage, however, while the details of the aircraft were essential, they needed to be simplified for this design.  Color had to be minimized as well because the end result was to be printed on shirts.  And YES, I know GRIZZLYS is misspelled, that spelling is a base tradition.  I was told the shirt color was tan and blue and grey should be part of the color palette.  Overall, I believe that the design has a simplified and clean look yet has a hint of iconic imagery through it’s patch like shape and retro minimalist appearance.  These are all qualities of the design challenge the client originally presented me with.  Challenge accepted and beat down.

Creative Cobwebs


This is a logo I created for a Yoga Instructor client.  She wanted to be connected with the logo so the figure silhouette is actually her in that pose and the colors we chose are variations of her favorite color.

Eating healthy & staying fit is something that is important to me because I spend many hours a day plopped at my desk creating graphic awesomeness.  Yoga is a great tool to have in your healthy and creative arsenol.  So if you are a creative who needs to stretch those muscles, physically and mentally, I highly recommend adding some Yoga into your routine.

Please visit Yoga Racheal’s website @

I just want to point out that sometimes it is necessary to free some space in your brain.  The way I do this is by staying organized, I literally take all of my “to do’s” and write them down.  I am a queen list maker.  The reason I love this is because as I am checking things off of my list (that I pin on a board above my desk) I see my goals being met one item at a time.  And that is a great feeling.  I know that I will always have things to do, being a freelance graphic designer I want to stay busy working with clients.  However, throughout the years I have learned that in order to stay creatively productive sometimes I need to take a moment or two to take a breath & refocus my thoughts.  It is always necessary to clear those creative cobwebs.

I hope my little insight was helpful.

Thanks for reading.

Now go forth and create some awesomeness of your own and remember to share your creativity to the world.


Logo/Header created for On Guard Magazine.

Logo/Header created for On Guard Magazine.

I had the honor to work with the Air National Guard. I designed the Logo/Header for the cover of the On Guard Magazine for March Air Reserve Base. They wanted something simple and clean. They also wanted something reminiscent of their previous header, an upgrade but still recognizable. I think it came out great and I am so honored to work with such awesome people.
I love what I do!